Vitallium® 2000 Partial Dentures

We fabricate our Vitallium® 2000 frameworks on premise thus eliminating the need to outsource.  Castle Dental Laboratory has over 25 years experience in fabricating partial denture framework and its staff has a combined experience of over 70 years.

Vitallium 2000® chrome colbalt has existed for over 60 years and remains as the premium alloy for partial denture frameworks.  Vitallium 2000® is nickel and beryllium-free so that you and your patients can be assured that it is fully biocompatible. 

Full Denture including repairs and relines

We offer a complete array of services within the denture department.  This includes study models, custom trays, occlusal rims, setup, process & finish, repairs and relines.  We only utilize ADA certified materials in the construction of your patient's dental appliances.


Dental implants is now considered a standard of care and must be offered as an option to your patients.  We recognize this option and stand ready to assist you and your patient in planning and facilitating this modality of dental restoration.  Early planning and continuous communications between the surgeon / periodontist, restorative dentist and the dental laboratory is the key to success in dental implant restorations.